Science Signaling Cover image for June 19, 2012, showing Nuclear Lipid Signaling through SF-1 bound to PIP2.  Image is a simulation, not a crystal structure.
Press Highlights:
     - Vanderbilt article highlighting JCI paper.
     - Ray wins Journal of Lipid Research Junior investigator Award.
     - Ray PI on Vanderbilt Trans-Institutional Program Award.
     - ASBMB Today Lipid News Article.
     - Ray interviewed by American Cancer Society Relay for Life.
     - Ray on an ESPN commercial for Jimmy V-week at 13:20.
     - Ray awarded Jimmy-V Foundation for Cancer Research V-Scholar Award.
     - Ray wins a JBC / Herb Tabor Young Investigator Award.
     - Structural Biology Knowledge Database Featured Article.
     - SLAC National Accelerator Lab News Feature Article.
     - Research Media Focus on Cancer.
     - Materials & Methods Blog post, "Why Study That". 

Independent Lab  (Blind Lab members underlined):
21. Corey D. Seacrist, Georg Kuenze, Reece M. Hoffmann, John E. Burke, Jens Meiler and Raymond D. Blind.
Structure, In Revision 2020. 
20. Raymond D. Blind.
Structural analyses of inositol phosphate second messengers bound to signaling effector proteins”,  Advances in Biological Regulation. 2020 Jan 11:100667. doi: 10.1016/j.jbior.2019.100667.  PDF
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18. Jamal M. Bryant and Raymond D. Blind.
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*Co-First Authors

14. M. Merced Malabanan and Raymond D. Blind.

"Inositol Polyphosphate Multikinase in transcriptional regulation and nuclear inositide metabolismBiochemical Society Transactions Review, 2016 Feb;44(1):279-85. PDF



Ray's Postdoc & PhD work:


13. Elena P. Sablin*, Raymond D. Blind*, Rubatharshini Uthayaruban, Ashley M. Deacon, Debanu Das, Holly A. Ingraham and Robert J. Fletterick. 

Structure of Liver Receptor Homolog-1 (NR5A2) with PIP3 hormone bound in the ligand binding pocket” Journal of Structural Biology  2015 Sep 25.  PDF

* Co-first Authors


12. Raymond D. BlindElena P. Sablin, Kristopher Kuchenbecker, Hsiu-Ju Chiu, Ashley M Deacon, Debanu Das, Robert J Fletterick and Holly A. Ingraham. 

The signaling phospholipid PIP3 creates a new interaction surface on the nuclear receptor SF-1”  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the U.S.A.  2014 Oct 6; (doi:10.1073/pnas.1416740111).  PDF


11. Raymond D. Blind.  

"Disentangling biological signaling networks by coupling signaling lipids to their modifying enzymes"  Advances in Biological Regulation  2013 Jan; 54:25-38  PDF

Corresponding author


10. Raymond D. Blind, Miyuki Suzawa and Holly A. Ingraham. 

"Direct modification and regulation of a nuclear receptor-phosphoinositide complex by the inositol-lipid kinase IPMK and PTEN"  Science Signaling  2012 Jun; 5(229): ra44  (Featured Article on Cover)  PDF

10a. Holly A. Ingraham, Raymond D. Blind and Annalisa M. VanHook. 

"Science Signaling Podcast: 19 June 2012"  Sci Signal.  2012 Jun; 5(229): pc13  [DOI: 10.1126/scisignal.2003287]:

9. Raymond D. Blind§, Inez Pineda-Torra, Yong Xu, H. Eric Xu and Michael J. Garabedian. 

"Ligand structural motifs decouple target promoter occupancy from transcriptional activationBiochem and Biophys Res Commun.  2012 Apr; 420(4): 839-44   PDF 

§ Corresponding author


8. Richard Whitby, Jozef Stec, Raymond D. Blind, Sally Dixon, Timothy M. Willson, Fang Chai, William J. Zuercher and Holly A. Ingraham. 

Novel small molecule agonists of nuclear receptors Steroidogenic Factor-1 (SF-1, NR5A1) and Liver Receptor Homolog-1 (LRH-1, NR5A2)”  J. Med. Chem  2011 Apr; 54(7): 2266-81  PDF


7. Brendan C. Mullaney, Raymond D. Blind, Carissa L. Perez, Ida C. Elle, Nils J. Faergeman, Marc R. Van Gilst, Holly A. Ingraham and Kaveh Ashrafi. 

Regulation of fat uptake and storage by acyl-CoA synthase-3 is dependent on NR5A family nuclear hormone receptor nhr-25”.  Cell Metabolism  2010 Oct; 12(4): 398-410 PDF


6. Benjamin C. Lin*, Miyuki Suzawa*, Raymond D. Blind*, Sandra C. Tobias, Serdar E. Bulun, Thomas S. Scanlan and Holly A. Ingraham. 

Stimulating GPR30 with a novel tamoxifen analogue activates SF-1 and promotes endometrial cell proliferation”  Cancer Research  2009 Jul; 69: 5415-5422  PDF

* Co-first Authors

5. Elena P. Sablin*, Raymond D. Blind*, Irina N. Krylova*, Jared G. Ingraham, Fang Cai, Jon D. Williams, Robert J. Fletterick and Holly A. Ingraham. 

Structure of SF-1 bound by different phospholipids: Evidence for regulatory ligands”  Mol Endo  2009 Jan; 23(1): 25-34  PDF

* Co-first Authors


4. Selma Omer, Giles Hickson, Stephanie Tache, Raymond Blind, Susan Masters, Helen Loeser, Kevin Souza, Charles Mkony, Haile Debas, and Patricia O’Sullivan. 

Applying innovative educational principles when classes grow and resources are limited: biochemistry experiences at Muhimbili University of Health Sciences”  Biochem and Mol Biol Edu  2008 Nov; 36(6): 387-394  PDF

3. Weiwei Chen*, Thoa Dang*, Raymond D. Blind*, Zhen Wang, Claudio Cavasotto, Adam Hittleman, Inez Rogatsky, Susan K. Logan, Michael J. Garabedian.

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* Co-first Authors

2. Raymond D. Blind and Michael J. Garabedian. 

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1. Naima Ismali, Raymond Blind and Michael J. Garabedian. 

"Stabilization of the unliganded glucocorticoid receptor by TSG101J Biol Chem.  2005 Mar 25; 280(12): 11120-6  PDF


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