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Image of a Thermo -80C freezer, stading opened showing 5 compartments, currently located with Ray Blind Vanderbilt University


Image of a Biosafety Cabinet, front view open sash in the Blind Lab, Ray Blind Vanderbilt University

Biosafety Cabinent

Request resources, datasets or reagents here.

Image of a Infors Labfors HT bioreactor with a 3.6L vessel attached presently stored by Ray Blind Vanderbilt University


Thermo liquid nitrogen storage, front view in the Blind Lab, Ray Blind Vanderbilt


Microfluidics M-110L front view transparent image from the Blind Lab, Ray Blind Vanderbilt


Icon of an antibody, transparent, used to identify the Antibody Database of the Blind Lab, Ray Blind Vanderbilt University



Transparent Icon for Plasmid Database for the Blind Lab



Transparent Icon for the Vectors and Constructs Database of the Blind Lab Ray Blind Vanderbilt University'

Vectors & Constructs

Transparent Icon for qPCR or RT-qPCR primer database of the Blind Lab Ray Blind VAnderbilt University

qPCR Primer


Transparent image of a Life Technologies 12K Flex Quantstudio qPCR cycler with a 384 well capacity, front view

12K Flex Quantstudio

Tranparent Icon of a woman shopping with a shopping cart and canned foods, classic, 50's look, sarcastic 50's woman


Transparent IKEA Icon for protocols section of the Blind Lab


Transparent image of a pole dancer sexy stripper on a mac macintosh laptop

Hot Software

Image of a 1mm crystal of SF-1 boudn to PIP3 phospholipid, crystallography crystal, structural biology done in the Blind Lab Ray Blind Vanderbilt

Crystal Screens

Transparent image of a binder or book standing upright with PO or purchase orders written on the binder or book.


Transparent image of a stack of books, each book labeled as laws, rules, regulations and compliance.


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